Aim: Reading the Chilcot Report, out loud, non-stop…
All 2.6 million words from begining to end. 

Reason: The very same lies, deceit and smear politics that led to us entering an illegal war in Iraq with devastating consequences continue to be central to British politics. We want this to stop.

Lies and deceit and smear campaigns are being used to try and undermine the current overwhelmingly elected leader of the opposition. When they say Jeremy Corbyn is not a leader what they are actually saying is: “Help! We cannot control him and make him look after our interests.” Brilliant! This sounds like a real leader! This is just the sort of person we want looking after OUR interests!

Where: Edinburgh Fringe 2016 @ Heroes @ Bob’s BlundaBus, South College Street.

Who: You! Sign up / contact us and get involved